Our approach to ESG

We think and act in an impactful way that supports the transition to sustainability for us and our partners.

Environment, social and governance (ESG) ethics are actively embedded into everything we do.

Central to our Mission Statement is sustainability, which we consider to be the cornerstone of the long-term relationships we hold with all our stakeholders. We believe that strong environmental, social and governance principles should be at the centre of our decision making. However, we understand the ESG risks and impacts associated with our underwriting, investments, risk management and operations. To enable our stakeholders to know that we are doing the right thing, providing clarity will always be a priority.

When it comes to our business partners, we are committed to working with those customers and partners who genuinely want to improve. We will comply with our regulators’ guidance and manage our portfolio responsibly. We are committed to helping our customers progress along their own ESG journeys, and to being enablers in their transition.

One of our recent innovative and strategic collaborations is with Moody’s Analytics. Working together, we will combine their proprietary data with our own to deliver a robust and detailed scorecard in which to support our business partner’s journey to become more sustainable.

A bedrock will be the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, with the intention that all our ESG initiatives map back to at least one of these goals. This will highlight what we are doing well, and where our gaps are. We will then have the opportunity to assess whether we are happy with those gaps or put in place measures to address them.

Published on 02.09.2022