Chaucer interviews recipient of their new scholarship programme Cassandrah Mgoyo

  1. Why did you choose X field of study? What did you enjoy about your A-levels?
    I chose to pursue a Law degree as it is a relevant subject in my life. As a child, I almost lost my siblings due to custody battles between my parents. This experience led me to apply for work experience at the Wood Green Crown Court to learn more about the justice system.

    Throughout my A Levels I enjoyed learning about different areas that impacted my world, and I purposefully chose subjects that I believe are important in society – Politics, Sociology and Psychology. Each discipline gave me a better understanding of my surroundings and a greater insight into the social structures that govern us. I found myself applying what I learnt in class to my life outside of school and I enjoyed recognising my knowledge was both practical and constructive.

  2. What are you most looking forward to about your degree?
    I am looking forward to learning about the many different areas of Law, specifically Human Rights and Criminal Law. I am also keen to understand in depth the court’s power and the effects of parliamentary sovereignty.

  3. What aspect of the university student experience are you most excited about?
    I am really excited to join societies and meet new people, especially those on my course. I look forward to expanding my knowledge by hearing other people’s views and taking part in debates.

  4. How would you describe yourself? What are your main interests?
    I would say I am a joyful and sociable person who is responsible and adaptable. I enjoy being around new people in new places. I am also interested in art, and I enjoy drawing in my spare time.

  5. What attracted you to Chaucer’s Scholarship programme?
    I was attracted to Chaucer’s commitment to helping their community. They recognise the importance of diversity and inclusion and after my own research, for an essay I had to write as part of the application process, I understood the real benefits of having a diverse workforce.

  6. What do you hope to get out of your work experience placements at Chaucer?
    I hope to get a broader understanding of the insurance industry. I want to educate myself to be better prepared to join the industry.

  7. Why do you want to join the (re)insurance industry?
    I would like to join the (re)insurance industry because it is an important service market that provides security for individuals and businesses. It was Chaucer that drew me to the insurance industry as I liked what they stood for as a company and the type of people they employed. I really hope to be a part of the company one day.

  8. What are your career ambitions?
    I would like to join the (re)insurance industry and be a part of Chaucer one day. I want to use the knowledge and experience I will gain from university as well as from my work experience at Chaucer to be a great addition to the company.

Published on 07.10.2021