CyberLink Marine Consortium

We have joined forces with selected leading insurers in the Lloyd’s market to form the CyberLink Marine Consortium.

  • Line Size - Cyber Physical Damage (CZ)$60M
  • Line Size - Traditional Cyber (CY)$20M

Proven risk protections are built on real world Cyber security expertise, empowered decision making and a tailored approach from our highly rated underwriters.

We provide marine businesses with comprehensive cover for their cyber risks, including physical damage costs to their vessels caused by a cyber-attack.

Following a security compromise or cyber-attack, the CyberLink consortium can offer:

- Risk management services, to understand gaps in the cyber defences and how best to prepare the Insured against the current cyber threats

- Physical Damage cover, to repair vessels and assets on board following a cyber-attack

- Data breach and Incident Response, providing sector specific cyber specialists, to investigate and control the cyber-attack

- Business Interruption, with coverage extending to key service providers, CyberLink provides indemnity when a cyber-event halts the business or a business dependent party

- First and Third Party Legal and Professional Services, to navigate relevant legal or regulatory frameworks,including expenses to notify any affected or potentially affected third parties

- Social Engineering, coverage to protect the Insured when employees are targeted, leading to unlawful access to systems and transfer of money

- Cyber Extortion cover,quick response and coverage when a ransomware event drives business to a halt

Further coverages include; System Failure, Reputation Management, Media Liabilities, PCI DSS and Digital Asset Restoration.